Zenith is a clone of Aeon Digeros the Genius.


Due to an inexplicable degradation in his genetic makeup, he was gradually losing the use of his limbs. In effort to circumvent his inevitable immobility, he acquired a sample of Aeon's essence from his remains buried near the Dark Pillar. While fast-growing a new clone, he was able to correct the mistake made in the original cloning process but could find no way to use the new clone's genes to repair his own deteriorating genetic makeup. He thought to upload his mind into the new form, but an unforeseen glitch caused the clone to awaken mid-download and it escaped. As a last resort, he created a third clone and uploaded his mind into the new form, expecting to die shortly thereafter.

Velan-Heintz Jaeger

Zenith, now in a more formidable body, could finally enact his scientific plans. However, the clone he had created earlier had escaped his facilities. As he followed, he soon found the clone was a deranged machination bent on destruction. Several people recognized Zenith and knew him by name and associated him with the rampaging clone. Thus he was forced to adopt a new identity, changing his name and appearance. To establish a place for himself, he acquired work with a band of mercenaries, supplying them with BynaTech weaponry.

Zenith's clone

While Heintz generally busied himself with whatever needs his mercenaries demanded of him, he also continually worked to develop ways to track and neutralize his clone. However, Zenith had since become a Shrouder and was now far too powerful for Heintz to handle alone. He eventually sought help from Jyo, a man whose own repressed violent nature was more or less on par with Zenith's clone.

Known also as the Half-Life, Zenith's clone has become so twisted by Soulstorm's influence that he wishes to destroy everything. His original goal was to destroy himself, but he found that he cannot be destroyed. Although derived of Heintz' flesh, Zenith very much resembles Jyo except with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Zenith the Sloth Schemer

Though Zenith had expected to die upon uploading his mind into the body of his clone, he eventually awakened from a months-long coma. His benefactor was an older man who called himself Pater Aurum. The two of them would collaborate to create a machine that allowed Zenith to have a semblance of control over his environment. He used this device to brainwash Aurum who brought Zenith five more disciples. Driven by some inexplicable desire, Zenith ordered his disciples to find and destroy his clones.

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