Phineas Xarledan is a m'ra'tva or lich lord. He was responsible for the resurrection of Machina Cade in his pursuit of the Emissary Spears.


Firionus van Durlo






Skull-face helm

Professional Status

Amistha's Order

Previous Affiliation(s)

Jeriko's Society



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Personal Status


  • Reidric Hardy - Father
  • Severus/Amandus Lefaris - Brother


One of the Three Geniuses known as Firionus van Durlo, Xarledan left the Unending Road after killing the demented Aeon Digeros. Having stolen the better part of Aeon's work, Xarledan went on to find "employment" with the Knights of the Order.

In Shadow Crisis, Xarledan is set to the task of resurrecting the Mad King Zybil.


Back on the planet Riene, Xarledan born the son of Haris Nightnail. His brother was Sephandre. Both expressed the same level of genius found in their father.

Xarledan, after Evethy was conquered by Vangloria, become one of the Emperor's new advisors. After the death of Ellisander, he served this role for King Silvanus and Queen Brynhildr and, later, their son Jeremia Alderain alongside a small council including Lucifer, Regis Alustrov, and Silas Crosse.

Gods and Monsters

By his father, Xarledan is descended from Armeni Uldraka, an alien whose origin is the same as Echidna, the mother of monsters. It is for this reason that Xarledan develops mastery of the dead and becomes nearly immortal himself.

Starling the Prophet

In the kingdom of Galshiem, Xarledan, seeing the rampant chaos born in the absence of a leader, espouses a prophecy that a king will rise from blood and ash. He assembles a mess of orphans and tricks them into fighting to the death. The only survivors are the siblings Arterio and Vaina. Xarledan then bestows the sword Elanzier to Arterio, declaring him as its wielder to be king. Arterio is thereafter crowned Dragon Lord Drakheed.

Phineas Randale

Xarledan's name is thought to be inspired by the long-lived necromancer Phineas Randale who, after nearly 70 years spent buried in a catacombs, was exhumed alive and powerful enough to aid the Endosylvanians to defeat the sorceress Penumbra Albecross and close the nexus between this realm and the Tesseract.


Xarledan draws inspiration from several sources. The name Xarledan is an anagram of "X Randale". The name Philionus is a play on the word villainous while "van Durlo" was based on the name Pandule inspired by fictional kings and countries from some of the author's favorite video games. The spelling of Durlo is inspired by Luxord from Kingdom Hearts as van Durlo is meant to resemble the Nobody. In the form of Xarledan, he was meant to take the place of Jack Skellington.

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