Xareon the Arccipher is a none-too-well-known Shrouder having history with Magicks and Slaxeum.


Aeron Aurelius Alverinth was the son of Fabian Alverinth and brother of Sebastian. Born an albino and a second son, Aeron experienced both neglect and disdain from the citizens of Solaris. Sometime between his betrothal to Threnody of Euvaria and her coronation, Aeron had encountered a strange Lunarian. When Princess Threnody disappeared, Aeron vowed to find her and formed a temporary alliance with Lazarus Cartelan of Dienara in effort to locate her.

The Arccipher Crossing

As the two adventured from Solaris to Lunaria in search of Threnody and Lazarus's friend, Rinna Lougherly, the two became endowed with variants of the mystical Arccipher, weapons supposedly created by Aeon Digeros in his attempt to reverse-engineer the Emissary Spear. In their attempt to defeat the mad Professor Voltaire, they inadvertently released Soulstorm from his spherical prison.


Due to Soulstorm's influence, Aeron and Threnody, who was also Rinna, were altered, becoming shadows of their former selves. Lazarus was captured by Voltaire to be used in his experiments, but Aeron and Threnody would go on to become known as the Shrouders Xareon and Magicks.


During the Arccipher events, Lazarus wields a blue gem referred to as an Arccipher which is one of two and both are fragments of the Quint Essentia. While Aeron's blue gem is the Order Arccipher, the red gem embedded in the Arccipher Blade is the Chaos Arccipher.


Just as Lazarus began as Lysaer, Aeron began as Arithon, the names taken from the Janny Wurts novel Curse of the Mistwraith. While Lysaer was the name of the blonde half-brother, in this the names were reversed.

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