Toxique the White is a Knight in Amistha's Order. Despite being a young man, he has an old soul and is distinguished among his peers as being knowledgeable in many things, particularly the code of conduct by which he believes all men should live.



Toxique led a rather uneventful life and long-wished for adventure. He often play-acted daring rescues and courageous confrontations through which he hoped to win the heart of his beloved Sarvancia. Such included fighting giants and dragons, saving a damsel from evil enchanters, and even battling the God of Night himself. It is no wonder that at the first opportunity, he threw in with Amistha to become a Knight.


  • Toxique harbors an unspoken love of Sarvancia for which much of his motivation lies in becoming a knight.
  • Arizona Liveley, a fellow Knight in Amistha's Order, is considered a close friend despite that Arizona has never seen him without his helmet for which she deems any such relationship to be far too impersonal.