The Stripped Tiger is the flagship of the infamous pirate Tiger Hawke.


Tiger Hawke
The daughter of Machina Cade, Tiger is the captain of the Stripped Tiger who joins Michael's journey in search of the Keys to Tartarus.
Irania Edinburgh
The daughter of the Solaran soldier Rudolph Horowitz, Iraia eventually returns to Solaris only to find her father has been murdered by a rampaging beast.
Santa Antonia
Anemone Kingsleigh
Antimony Wolfe
Heaven Leigh
Heaven was once the partner of Hellion "Hel" Thanatos before she grew weary of his cynical and violent nature. She later becomes one of Buyers' lackeys, joined by Yvette and Eise.
Yvette Reissen
Yvette later goes onto become one of Buyers' lackeys alongside Heaven and Eise.
Eise Burgess
Eise later becomes one of Buyers' lackeys with Heaven and Yvette.

"Saint" Kleide Rauss
Leutikris (formerly)
The wayward known as Leviticus has been searching for his son for nearly two years. When he is captured by Lysandr on suspicions of acquiring the Key of Ellisander, he leads Michael's group to the Stripped Tiger.