"I’ve heard rumors all around this place that my style is a bit... ostentatious... still, I think it’s one of the many things people like about me."

Sjaxem is an uncommon Shrouder. His red eyes and blood-red coat are a testament to that. His presence is an annoyance to most who reside in Lunaria Castle.

He makes his first appearance in Shadows Jubilee. He is twenty-three years old.


"Sasha, I'm hurt. I would have hoped we'd grown past this childish game of who likes who doesn't dislike who."
—Sjaxem to Sasha

Sjaxem is good friends with Nexus and a willing rival to Xikur. He hates most of the other rank men aside from the females. He is, however, willing to tolerate Schilanox due to his frequent partnering with Nexus.

He is also friends with partner Sasha and regularly flirts with her. At one time, he also dated Xercia.

Sjaxem has an unexplained aversion to Lynicians of the Naga sub-order. Therefore, he doesn't get along with fellow Shrouder Septre.

Sjaxem is also one of Azurel's Watchers.


Sjaxem can be menacing but that is probably attributable mostly to his appearance. He is driven, compassionate, and confident. He is a little lonely and forces himself to flirt with every girl he sees in hopes that one will take an interest. However, generally, the Shrouders do not trust him.


Sjaxem believes that Anxalia is the puppeteer behind Jeriko and the Conclave and works closely with her as a result.


Sjaxem has red eyes and short shaggy black hair. He wears a headband with long dangling straps. His attire is mostly red being comprised of a long coat with a feathered collar which he wears over a collared black tank. He wears a pair of red chaps and red boots over black pants.


Sjaxem's sword is named for Aeon Digeros, a famous scientist and forgemaster. Embedded in its handguard is a large spherical red gem believed to be the alchemist Rosette's magical stone.

Sjaxem the Watcher

--Art by Jirito


Sjaxem is yet another inspired by a fan-attempt to turn his name into that of an Organization XIII member. His name is partially inspired by the fallen angel known as Shax.

Sjaxem's sword is a redesign by jirito of black orb's fusion of the Buster Sword and the Rapier from Final Fantasy VII Compilation at the request of the author. No surprise then that Sjaxem's attire is more or less based on Genesis. Needless to say that in the case of his weapon, length was sacrificed for style.

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