"Sordjin Raleigh is no more than a self-aggrandizing hack! Look to me and behold... true sorcery!"
—Siroth Law

Siroth is a high-ranked member of the Shrouders though he ranks "below" Sordjin for which he is constantly mocked by the other. Siroth is 30 years old.


Siroth is introduced near the end of Shadows Jubilee discussing Sordjin's behavior and abilities.


Siroth is just as arrogant and self-assured as Sordjin.


Siroth is 6'3" wearing a long coat with a large collar that crosses over his face leaving a diamond-shaped gap to expose the red gem in his forehead. There is another gap at his chest to reveal the gem implanted there. His forehead gem typically has a shifting glow that draws the focus of others seeming to act as his eye. There is a length of excess material that drapes over either shoulder to his back tending to flap like wings with his stride. He regularly keeps his hands hidden in his large sleeves.


Obviously his name derives of the Zeroth Law, a sci-fi term referring to a machine's ability to defy it's base programming by creating an overriding commandment by reinterpreting the originial laws from concretes to abstracts. Perhaps it was chosen simply because the author thought it sounded cool or to defy the expectation that it would be applied to a machine, otherwise the reason for the name is not readily obvious and probably would have been more appropriate for a character like Cyberus.

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