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Welcome to the Seven Blades Archive: a library predominately dedicated to works in development by aspiring author Joseph Snyder, including the EtC series, Project EYeS and other works listed below which blend into the EtC universe or are otherwise created by the author.

Major Works

Main article: Seven Blades Anthology

EtC: The Soulstorm Saga
The centuries-spanning saga of an alien creature interfering in the history of two worlds

EYeS: The Evolved Youth Series
The adventures of empowered youths enhanced through gene manipulation

Flight Five: The Grim Wars
The story of five friends who acquire the ability to fly

Blade Diver: The Galactic Siege
A tale of interplanetary conflict and the unassuming individuals transformed by fate

Boys Lethal: An Unexpected Friendship
The misadventures of a seemingly normal young man and his new alien friend

Seven Blades: The Fate of Worlds
A group of dissidents fights to expose the secrets and lies of a worldwide corporation that is one move away from global conquest

Active Valor: Free Will
A young warrior's struggle to rescue the sister he never knew

Hellion Genesis: Rise of the Fallen
The epic war against the creatures of hell

Herald Story: The Volunteer Army
A young revolutionary and his misbegotten army

Deserter: Pursuit of Nine Dragons
An AWOL soldier's journey to restore the forgotten dragons to prominence

Storm Reign: The Hybrid Wars
A trio of friends works to prevent a calamity

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