The world from which nearly all life on Anvar originates, Riene is a war-torn world whose atmosphere has nearly entirely disappeared due to pollution from technological and magical weaponry.


The world's beginnings are shrouded in mystery but it has been host to twenty-six dynasties spanning as much as one hundred or one thousand years each. Supposedly, the world began as a supple paradise flush with prospects and fertile soils. However, years of conflict using increasingly advanced ordinances have resulted that the world is now inhospitable without various forms of artificial stabilization.

Known History

A world of humble beginnings, there is not much documented of its early history, but it is known that magic was born with the third Monarch, Krosenka. During the fourth dynasty, a man rose to challenge the power of the king by staking his claim on the untouched seas and would become known as the Pirate Lord. Later, Zybil the Mad King would thrust his kingdom into war due to being in contact with a voice he called "The Shadow." Following his reign, Sorceress Huxley would rise to be known as the Lance Empress, forging an array of magical spears with which she conquered as many as three kingdoms to combine into one empire. A mysterious warlord known only as the Czernus later re-purposed a being found in a meteorite, turning it into a monumental weapon of war. When it predictably began to defy the Czernus, he, Huxley, and an array of scientists allied and constituted a spherical prison forged from magic, science, and living matter. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and much of the populace, determine to start life anew on the neighboring planet Anvar, fled to the outbound Stravarions recently upgraded for interplanetary travel.

Physical Traits

Centuries of war have resulted that much of Riene is covered in destroyed terra, armored plating, anti-sky weaponry, and alchemical aerem generators. Due to the scale of deterioration in the upper atmosphere, the world can no longer risk exposure to sunlight as its immense radiation would cause severe injuries on contact which could prove fatal depending on duration of said exposure. To protect against exposure, there are ships the size of continents which constantly orbit the planet just outside the atmosphere.


Kaidan: Genua, Belholev, Tyrarion


Vangloria: Arcadia, Eira, Gorre, Vorica, Primus, Evethy, Salvaton (Tristan)




The Evethian Crisis (Evethy, Tyrarion, Vangloria)

The Summoning Wars (Vangloria and other countries)

The Assemblage of Dragons (Vangloria, Salvaton)

The Dark Circle (Galshiem)

The Hybrid Wars (Genua, Belholev, Kendralia)

The Procel Saga (Kincaid, Raiden)

Rienan Names and Meanings

  • Kazel
    Kazel has two associated meanings dependent on its pronunciation. Typically, it is pronounced kah-z'l which means "pure, happy." But when pronounced kaz-el, it takes on the more sinister connotation "vanity destroys god" or somewhat romanticized "even gods fall to vanity."
  • Alustrov
    "House of brushwood."