Reiko is Aer Soroval's younger brother. He disappears during an attack on Middeland by Shadows.


After vanishing from Middeland, Reiko travels to Lunaria where he meets and frees Xelecrawn. He then later travels to Dienara where he befriends Sen and Rose Kepler before the Dienara Incident causes Sen to lose his memories. Reiko calls him Nexus and brings him to Lunaria where he founds the Conclave with the Shroud.


Reiko is actually the physical incarnation of Raiden. During the Eighty-Minute War, Raiden was momentarily freed by Voltaire, but during his rampage across the battlefield, he caught the attention of Emissary Rex who impaled him on his spear. In reaction, Azurel unleashed his power on both armies, altering their memories of the battle and bringing it to a temporary end.

Azurel then transformed Raiden, making him younger, and delivered him to Leumas Soroval, altering their memories so that he believed Reiko and Aer to be his real children and vice versa. He also gave Reiko some of his power to protect him.


Aer Soroval

Reiko's adoptive sister. The two siblings were raised together by Leumas Soroval and are very close. When Reiko disappears from Middeland, Aer quests to find him.

Leumas Soroval

Reiko's adoptive father. Leumas and his adoptive daughter's memories were altered by Azurel when he placed Reiko among them.

Wanda Ruzika

Before Reiko was reverted to a teenager by Azurel, he was known as Reiko Ruzika and lived within the realm Euvaria where he fathered Wanda Ruzika with Princess Miriel on the night of her coronation.



Reiko is aware of his powers and seeks to use them. He is driven to grant people a semblance of happiness often through aggressive means. Just as Azurel used his powers to manipulate Leumas and Aer, Reiko uses Azurel's power to manipulate others. This is often for their own sake but sometimes for the sake of others. Many times, Reiko's actions contradict his desires. His goals shift multiple times, as at first he merely wishes to collect the aspects of darkness, the Shrouders and Shadows, in order to learn the truth of his identity. Later, he seeks to undo the curse of darkness, led in his effort by Rasandiel when he "restores" his humanity. However, in the end, Reiko seeks to merge Anvar with Riene.


Reiko was originally created to serve as the polar opposite of Riku from Kingdom Hearts.

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