An immortal being traveling the cosmos, Raiden has experienced rebirth and lived multiple lives on various worlds often causing strife despite his best intentions. His companion is the immortal Azurel.


While Raiden is only one of three known transcendants, he is typically cited as the most well-known and seems to be the one with whom mortals of any world have had the most contact. Supposedly, at some point in Raiden's history, he had been defeated by some great warrior. This defeat echoed the defeat of two other immortals by singular individuals.


On Anvar, Raiden is worshipped by the D'raka as the Sky God. Lunaria, the Rienan god of the moon, has also long been another of Raiden's monikers.


Soulstorm (EtC)
Raiden occurs as the demon that crashed just over a century ago on the planet Riene and was then re-purposed by the Czernus into a weapon of conquest until its instability became too much for the Czernus to control alone. After being sent to Anvar in a spherical prison derived of magic and technology, his influence seeded the land with its first samples of life which would be the proof Riene would need to justify the Great Pilgrimage. The native D'raka refer to Soulstorm as the Sky God Raiden despite having never seen or communicated with him. Emissary Jophiel Darien and the child named Reiko Soroval are incarnations of Raiden, one psychologically and the other physically. The ancient warrior and former Rienan ruler Krystianis later appears on Anvar consumed by Raiden's will. Aside from these individuals, many other Anvarians transmigrated in the Great Pilgrimage and have been affected by his influence, unlocking physical and magical abilities within even those who displayed little to no latent talents. The telltale sign of those influenced by Raiden are his trademark yellow eyes.

Joy Darian (Boys Lethal)
A snide teenager with a short temper. He usually keeps to himself, but has a penchant for interfering in other people's disputes. When he meets Elly, his feuds escalate in scale and frequency.

Neon Raiden (EYeS)
The product of experiments meant to produce a lineage for a modern despot, Joy Darien takes an anagram pseudonym before forming an organization of his own seemingly with the sole purpose of torturing his younger brother Blithe.


The author created Jyo Raiden when he was twelve. He was originally conceived as a Mortal Kombat character, but quickly became more akin to Dread Pirate Roberts.