"All the pieces seem to fit. Why should I argue?"

Nexus is the main protagonist of Shadows Jubilee. An atypical Shrouder, Nexus' behavior tends to annoy most of his cohorts. He appears more aloof and apathetic while also heavily contemplative. He is rather forgetful but not to the point of comedy. Nexus is friends with Xikur though he isn't entirely sure why.

He is about 17 or 18 at the start of Shadows Jubilee. Unlike Xikur, Nexus seems to have many friends among the Shrouders.


Nexus is a member of an elite organization amid the Shrouders. His title is Quartus Nexus. He is one of thirteen members who were chosen for promotion during the Great Abandonment in which many Shrouders fled out into the wilds rather than remain cooped up in the stronghold. The thirteen were chosen both for their might and for the fact they chose to stay.

Nexus' first mission is to negotiate a treaty with both the aggressively militant Knights and the warily diplomatic Acolytes. Though he is intended to carry out this mission alone, the enthusiastic Sjaxem chooses to tag along. It is Sjaxem who urges Nexus to confront the Acolytes first as their diplomatic practices would make them easier to deal with.

On their way to the Chapel of Ascendant Flame which straddles the border twixt Lunaria and Solaris, they are met by two aggressive Acolytes, Izekiel and Gavael. They defeat them and force them to act as an escort back to the chapel. At the chapel, Reverend Rasandiel Gaignun agrees to a meeting alone with Nexus. During their conversation, Rasandiel spins a great deal of double-talk to stumble Nexus as well as to cause him to doubt the Shrouders and their leader. Rasandiel does not seem entirely opposed to the proposition of a treaty.

The first part of his mission seemingly accomplished, Nexus travels with Sjaxem further into Solaris to meet the dogmatic leader of the Knights. Archbishop Amistha is not as receptive as Rasandiel and has his Knights attack and capture the pair. The two are held prisoner until they are rescued by Xikur who had been shadowing them.


Despite coming off as indifferent, Nexus is actually very thoughtful and empathetic. He is polite to those whose reputation demands respect, compassionate to those who are weaker than him, and doesn't believe in killing his enemies.


Nexus is good friends with Xikur and Sjaxem and seems to be a target of Anxalia's flirtatious nature. He befriends the Acolyte Rachael Lasan and enters into a one-sided rivalry and uneasy alliance with its resident hero, Michael. Although Nexus' real father is absent at the time of Shadows Jubilee, Nexus finds surrogates in the leader of the Shrouders as well as in Rasandiel Gaignun.


Nexus has a talent for reasoning which makes him ideal for investigations and he is typically sent out on such errands by proxied request of Lunarians. As he doesn't possess strong social skills, he is amazed when Lord Jeriko selects him to take the proposal of treaty to the Acolytes and the Knights.

Higure and the Swords of Light and Darkness

On first appearance, the Sword of Light and the Sword of Darkness, summoned by Sen during the Dienara Incident, would seem to be separate instruments which would later be combined to form the Higure. However, in truth, the Higure is the true form and original state of the Swords of Light and Darkness. It is, in fact, one of several weapons forged of magic and technology by Huxley and Aeon Digeros to serve as keys to the Tartarus Gate. Due to tampering by Firionus Vandurlo, the sword was divided into two separate forms increasing their powers of light and darkness respectively.


Nexus Serious

Nexus in early development

Nexus is approximately 5'6" with brown hair just above shoulder-length and brown eyes. His black attire include a zipper vest under a double-strapped short-sleeved jacket with a stiff collar and an insignia on the back shared by Xikur. The insignia's meaning has yet to be defined. His jacket splits into "tails" which hang past his knees. He also wears loose pants and a pair of knee-high boots.

Nexus wears a single fingerless black glove on his left hand and a long sleeve and full glove on his right.


Nexus' orange and black blade, the Higure, is split in color from blade tip to hilt. The hand guard is composed of a ring with three prongs on the blade side and a pair of hollow polygons opposite. Within the ring is a crescent moon. The blade starts narrow and grows wider near the tip before narrowing again.

Nexus' brass and silver blade has a hilt identical to the Higure's with a similarly designed hand guard. The crescent moon is absent and there are metal wings where the blade begins. The blade begins to widen at half-way and returns to a point. There is a blue tear-drop opal near this point.

Nexus' black blade resembles a stream of smoke. In the hand guard is the crescent moon from the Higure. The blade is larger being twice the size of the silver blade.

Nexus the Twilight Tracer



Due to his amnesia, Nexus' only goal is to uncover the truth of his past and his relationships. While he is not eager to carry out Jeriko's orders, he adheres in the hope the places he visits and the people he meets will somehow spark a glimmer of recognition so that his lost memories may return.

Exported Character

Nexus has much in common with Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, down to the fact he controls swords of light (similar to the Oathkeeper) and darkness (similar to the Oblivion).


  • Nexus' name is an anagram of Xu Sen meaning "Thousand Suns" (literally, "brilliantly shining sun forest").
  • The crest on his back is the head of a dragon, the sigil of the D'raka, and denotes his relation to the Soroval clan, having been formally adopted by Reiko as a brother.


Nexus was conceived as Nexas the Twilight Tracer, a character created for a Kingdom Hearts fan-fiction involving its Nobody faction the Organization XIII. Its creator nexas-kun was adamant the character's title remain unchanged though was more malleable about his origins. The series creator lived up to his expectation that the character be featured as the focus of a story.

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