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  • Hi, welcome to Seven Blades Archive Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Seven Blades Archive Wiki page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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  • Hello, We're excited to have Seven Blades Archive Wiki as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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    • I read in the help section that I need to click on a dropdown box to create a new page. The only problem here is that I see no dropdown box. Not anywhere.

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    • Hi,  Look for the "Contribute" button, right at the top right of each page.  It's just above the purple menu bar, on the right.  Click that, and you'll see a dropdown

      Hope that helps!

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    • Yeah. A while ago, I discovered I could only edit from MonoBook. In the modern view, the editor never loads. But here in the MonoBook, that contribute button doesn't appear. So I have to log out to view the modern version, click the dropdown, select New Page, and then when the editor opens, I have to log in again to edit via MonoBook. It's a little tedious, admittedly.

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    • Ah, I didn't know you were on Monobook.  For that, you can use Special:CreatePage.  It's one of the pages listed on Special:Specialpages, which is linked from the left sidebar.

      But the more important question is why can't you edit using the default skin?  Many of our features only work on Wikia skin, and our help pages are designed for those using the default.

      I've checked your account, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong there... possibly it's a problem with your browser settings (for example, JavaScript needs to be on) or a conflict with an extention or other program.

      If those don't seem to be the problem, you could always contact us and one of the more techy types will try and help

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