Also known as Nemoans or animagi, Lyncians are a grouping of creatures with animal traits whether physical or behavioral. Not quite a race as Lynicia is not directly hereditary but instead seems to strike with odds equal to that of albinism.

Known LynciansEdit

A creature who attacked the capital city of Solaris, Vulf was captured and incarcerated and nearly executed before his untimely release by Michael and his group during a confrontation with the traitor Lysandr. Vulf has a large and wolf-like appearance and behavior.

During his time as a shadow, Slaxeum was a vampiric creature who suffered from bouts of berserk wherein he felt an insatiable need to kill and raise havoc. He would eventually learn to rein in these tendencies and harness his incredible power, making him one of the first Shrouders in process.

The daughter of Rudolph Horowitz of Solaris, Irania Edinburgh traveled to Lunaria to seek revenge against the creature who had killed her father. In doing so, she became exposed to the same influence that created her father's killer and began to transform into a beast-like creature until Slaxeum offered to help her control her animal instincts.

The Shadow
Considered the first Shadow despite being of unknown origin, Shadow is an animalistic man who treads on all fours, hunts like a tiger, and later clings to Vulf like a cub.

A white leogre and the de facto leader of the Lyncian tribes, he is an associate of Kayn and Xectoron.

The Naga Edit

The Naga are a subset within the Lynicia category. Unlike most other Lyncians who are born with similar but separate animal traits, the Naga all seem to possess the same scaly skin, entrancing eyes, and the unique ability to shapeshift into a large serpent.

Septre is a Naga and a member of Jeriko's Conclave.

Xorn is a member of Xavier Fairgrave's Exodus and is a Naga.

A daughter of the vampire Ash the Black, Lamekia was a princess who delved into dark magic and as a result was cursed with the form of a Naga. Aeldwin fell in love with Lamekia despite her snake-like appearance and vowed to seek out the genie of legend to reverse her curse.


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