The following is a list of known Knights in Amistha's Order.

Star Knights


Taurus Aldebran the Hellfire (horns)
Taurus is an old friend of Amistha from before he became the idealist he is today. He grew up with him in Lunaria in the dark lands. He has an odd spiritual connection to Aer Soroval and the Shrouder Usagi.
Aquila Altair the Medichanic (winged crown)
A disparaged shop owner from the ruined town of Dienara, Doctor Koenig is the father of Aegil Koenig, a good friend of Aer Soroval.
Leonis Regulus the Rivet King (maned helm)
Regulus typically partners with Antares on assignments. He and Antares are both distrusted by Procyon. Squadron leader of the Leonis Corps.
Scorpius Antares the Flesh Marionette
Antares regularly partners with Regulus and is very conspiratorial. He is distrusted by Procyon. He likes to make up long and ridiculous names.
Ariet Vespa the Battering Ram (tusked helmet)
Harriet Baronsik
Sybeur Syrianis the Jackal (Anubis)
Vulpecula Anurys the Trickster (kitsune)
Lycoran "Lupo" Manus (wolf)
Hydrus Alphard the Sleither (slitted, fanged helm)
Father of Vector Alphard
Beauxtus Arcturus the Razor (centurion)
A former resident of Dienara, he was a close friend of Seether and Diphas until the Dienara Incident. Now, his drive to eliminate the darkness never wavers.
"Horse" Alpha Centauri (centurion)
"Snowbear" Ursi Polaris (bear)


Auriga Capella (centurion)
Sagitta Rauss (centurion)
Maria Rauss [Maria Ross - FMA]
"Janus" Gemini Polydeus (two-faced)
Hegemony Valentine [Hildegard Valentine - Shadow Hearts]
"Dragon" Eridana Chernar (dragon)
The Czernus
Fornaxis Dallum the Furnace (demon)
Cain Procyon the Hunter (wolf)
Proxima Centauri (centurion)
Moricon Perseus (centurion)
Delita Alicestar (star symbol on chestplate)
"Coalbear" Ursi Alioth (bearhead emblem on chestplate)
Andromeda Alpheratz
Andromeda, daughter of Azurel
"Tyrant" Draco Eltani (king's crown)


Baidam Polaris the Shark
Lyrica Vega
Lyrica Arclight
Cepheus Aldermin
Delphino Rotanev
Enki Algedi (horned shark)
Katya Kaitos (medusa)
Phoenix Ankarina
Anna is a former Solaran Guard who seemingly has a deathwish after the loss of her betrothed.
L Cpl Crovinus Genesis the Blushing Crow
One of the few remaining members of the Solaran guard, Crow is a bit of a cowboy. While regular knights are met with reprimands for breaking uniform, Crow typically ditches his helmet in favor of a hat and bandana as well as a bandoleer for his bayonet.
Crater Abrams
Jet Abrams
Virginia Arista Spica
??? [Virginia Maxwell - WA3]
Venatis Tyrion
??? [Vanitas - Kingdom Hearts]
Orion Rigelius
??? [Orion - deviantart]
Dioskouri Castor
Cyenz Caster

Regular Knights

Gavin Wolf
Like Dread Knight, Sorik, Gavin's armor is customized for personal taste. It is only due to his high level of power that he is allowed freedom over his look.
Sorik the Dread Knight
Having joined the Knights after the sealing of the demon Soulstorm, Sorik's life has been complicated by many twists of fate. He is now a loathsome demon marauder masquerading as a turncoat.
Primus Valerian the Supreme
A particularly rambunctious Knight, Primus displays a need to rebel openly even amongst the likes of his fellow "Never Mind" drones. After he annihilated the Shadow-turned populace of Dienara with help from fellow Knight and local resident, Gaius, he branded himself with the number of those slain and then went on to flee the Knights with his cohort.
Wrongly assumed to be the identity taken by Arkander.
Amaranthus Zeldt Alizarin
A former adventurer named Hephaestos Klein, he once courted Lauren of Euvaria and, on her disappearance during the Shadow Crisis, he tried and failed to locate her. Feeling disgraced, he later joined the Knights in hopes of eliminating all darkness.
The adopted son of a Solaran guard captain, Zed was once known as Aeson Agnar. The loss of his friends took its toll on him and he joined the Knights under a false name.
Nikolai Omega
Formerly, Klaus Bartuski, Nikolai joined the Knights after the Solaran Guard was disbanded. He is familiar with the pirate captain Tiger Hawke, Rinna Lougherly, Aeson Agnar, Autis, and Arkander.
Phineas Xarledan
An alchemist secretly experimenting with necromancy, Xarledan is the creep who stole the nano-technology which has grown popular among the Knights.
Gaius Galatus the Joyous
Gaius has always questioned his reasoning for joining the Knights. After being forced to slaughter his townspeople as they are consumed by darkness, he chooses to leave the Knights.
Arizona Liveley the Wilder
Arizona is not the only member of the Knights whose past experience with Soulstorm influences her view of the darkness, but she is the bravest.
Miquel Leon the Vermilion
The father of Acolyte Jet Riot, the two became estranged due to mitigating circumstances including the onset of amnesia. When the Knights and the Acolytes clash, father and son are forced to confront each other.
Ashcroft the Pursuer
An eccentric entrepreneur whose past is shrouded in mystery, Ashcroft has an odd obsession with the Acolyte known as Blithe Darian.
Zephaniah Rauss the Bloodtail
A former soldier who fought in the Summoning Wars, Zephan was the product of experimentation which turned him into a living weapon. He is a deadly rival to Jet Riot.
Originally known as Mathias, Amistha is the leader of the Knights, the army he founded to eliminate the darkness. Through questionable means, he managed to attain territory in Solaris.


Two of the knights are inspired by character art by jVictor: Lance Corvus and Gawain Grunwald.