"Leutikris" Leviticus Athanasios is a wayward, originally of Lunaria, traveling in search of his missing son, Makkius.


On rumor that a mystical key has been stolen by a wayward, Leutikris is arrested by Dienaran deputy Lysandr and brought before Solaran councilman Lumier Parias. They are joined by Michael and Ace who learn a bit about the nature of the key and its place in the world. They travel together to Euvaria where Leutikris leads them to a hidden cove where the Stripped Tiger, famous ship of pirate captain Tiger Hawke, makes its berth.


He has brown eyes and shaggy dark hair with a bushy ponytail, wears a fur-lined brown-hide jacket as well as boots and tan pants.


An unfortunate victim of Idiot Hero Syndrome, suffering occasional lapses in foresight, impossible luck, clumsiness, and a severe weakness for beautiful women. Regardless of his seeming ineptitude, Michael values his company as he acts as a loyal guardian.


Leutikris began as a replacement for Goofy in a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, ludicrous being a synonym for goofy. Leutikris' personality and appearance are altered takes on the character of Goofy.

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