Harriet, sister of Casik, is an Immaculate and a former Rienan king transformed into an infant by the Lance Empress Huxley.


Harriet and her brother were found on the Pilgrim Ship, Baronsik, nearly eighty years after it crash-landed in the Lunaria darklands. Reverend Rasandiel Gaignun stumbled upon the children while on a mission of mercy to clean up debris which had been scattered about Lunaria for decades.

Deciding to take them with him to Solaris, Rasandiel named the boy for the Rienan god of night while Harriet received her name from Rachael Lasan.

Harriet and Casik would later go on to play crucial roles in the War for Order, being literal reincarnations possessed of power granted by the foreign gods. At first, Amistha and his Knights were content to fuel their weapon, the Corvent Stygian using their immense power. However, it would soon come to pass that their true power would be summoned for yet far more nefarious purposes.


Harriet somewhat resembles Marlene Wallace from Final Fantasy VII, having been created as a representation of what the daughter of Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough would look like.

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