EtC is the story of twin worlds and the influence of an entity on the fabric of society. The story revolves around seemingly normal people who are drawn to quest for the demon known as Soulstorm.

The story is told in four parts: A Threnody for Dawn, Shadows Jubilee, March on Solaris, and Soul Aria.

About EtC

EtC is a conglomeration of works developed by Joseph Snyder. The project began as Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. Much of the detail and backstory for the characters of EtC are inspired by fan fiction and discussion, the author taking heavy liberties with the source material. All characters and storylines within EtC are original creations and property of Joseph Snyder, unless otherwise indicated.

In 2006, following the release of Kingdom Hearts II, a thread named "Make your own Organization XIII name" appeared in the Kingdom Hearts section of Eyes on Final Fantasy, a webforum built for the discussion of Final Fantasy, Square Enix products, and entertainment media in general. Contributors to the thread rarely offered more than a peculiar name to work with, but some also brought interesting trivia such as backstory and specialization. It was within this time that Joseph began writing the first installment to EtC, the Shadows Jubilee, featuring his own character Xikur and the fanmade Nexas-kun who inspired Nexus.


EtC combines material from previous works which originated as Fan Fiction:
EYeS which began as a fan fiction blending X-Men and Transformers. Characters inspired by this source include Blithe Darian and Ashcroft.
Project Valor and Seven Blades began as fan sequels of Final Fantasy VII. Characters derived of these sources include Roger Hardy, Mila Rivers, Jet Riot, Tiger Hawke, Cain Laurier, Irania Edinburgh, and Zephaniah Rauss respectively.
Also, Herald Story, an originally untitled fan fiction based on the RPG Ragnarok Online. Characters derived of this source include Emperor Shimo, Enjel, Jeremia, Xenon, and Martinique Lumina Klein.

Materials that have inspired this work include but are not limited to:
The Kingdom Hearts series, world and story blending, Aer (Riku), Reiko (Sora/Kairi), Schilanox (Lexaeus/Axel), Sordjin (Zexion/Vexen), Nexus (Roxas), Xercia (Larxene/Axel), Anxalia (Saix), Sylk (Luxord),
The Final Fantasy series, character exportation, Clyde Rauss/Claudius Einhardt/Clive Stroud/Jet Riot/Claudette Cain (Cloud Strife), Sjaxem (Genesis), Zephaniah (Sephiroth), Tiffanna Wildwind/Diphas Claremont/Tiger Hawke (Tifa), Meagan Gale Dorian (Squall), Tikei (Tidus), Kasumi (Yuffie), Iraia Sarvancia Edinburgh (Aerith), Kazel (Snow),
Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, character exportation, Cyberus (Robo), Kiera (Frog), Cygnus (Turnip), Hauser (Norris), Xectoron (Grobyc), Aeson (Glenn), Skath (Dario), Xarledan (Skelly),
Wizard of Oz, derivative tales, Abel (Lion), Xectoron (Tin), Cain (Scare),
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, character exportation, Magicks (Alice), Chess (Cheshire)
The Princess Bride, derivative tales, the Shroud (Roberts),
ABC's Once Upon a Time, world and story blending, Septre (Jafar), Michael (Mickey), Roger Hardy (Donald), Leviticus Athanasios (Goofy), the Shroud/Sarvancia (Robin Hood),
various Brothers Grimm, derivative tales, Sarvancia (LRR), Rasandiel/Silas (Cendrilon), Jeremia (Snow), (Tailor), Casik and Harriet (Hansel and Gretel), Kiera (Frog Prince), Cygnus (Swan),
BLEACH, costume design, Shrouders (Shinigami), Knights (Quincies), Acolytes (Arrancars),
Les Miserables, derivative tales, Leumas (Valjean), Hauser (Javert), Aer (Cosette), Enjel (Enjolras), Chess (Eponine), Darrick (Marius),
Fullmetal Alchemist, character exportation, Michael (Edward), Xelecrawn (Alphonse), Rosette (Roy),
The Star Wars epic, derivative tales
Homer's Odyssey and other Greek mythology, derivative tales


Soulstorm, Quint Essentia, Aer, Jyo and Key,