The Emissaries are a group of lancers sent to Anvar representing Riene. Commissioned by sorceress Huxley and genius inventor Aeon Digeros and charged with preventing the release of the Demon from the spherical prison to which it had been bound by science and magic, each carries a Key to be used to seal it should it be freed.

Jophiel Darian

The sixth Emissary, Jyo was sent from Riene with Xercia when The Five failed to communicate back. He is an orphan.


The seventh Emissary, Xercia was sent from Riene with Jyo. She would later become a Shrouder.

Silas Kepler

One of the first five emissaries known only as Nix, Silas went on to raise two children. Previously known as Nicor, among many other aliases assumed by Silas Crosse before he was indoctrinated as an Emissary.

Regis Alustrov

One of the first five emissaries once known as Rex. As a young man, Regis suffered heightened sensitivity to the hazardous post-war desolation of Riene's atmosphere and was forced to wear a mask to breathe. Prior to his work as an Emissary, he had participated in the Summoning Wars though he himself is not a summoner.

Marion Roman

One of the first five emissaries once known as Dax, she founded the Roman Orphanarium and would become a mother and grandmother.

Born Daciana gael Thrace, to distance herself from her former associates, she took up the alias Marion Roman upon settling in Lunaria.

Opera Wildwind

One of the first five emissaries, she was once called Vox. Born Opera Vocibus, Opera later became a prominent member of the Wildwind tribe, raising twin daughters.

Lumier Paris

An entrepreneur living in Solaris once known as Lucifer, Lord Paris was at one time Lux, one of the first five emissaries.

Rienan Keys

Weapons designed to act simultaneously as trigger devices to the prison sphere meant to contain the Demon of Riene, each Key is named for a former ruler of Riene and shaped as a spear.