Elanzier, the "Dragon Blade" is the sword of Arterio Drakheed and symbolizes his right to ascension to the throne of the Sylva Region of Galshiem.


Under order of High Wizard Xarledan, Elanzier was forged and later given to Arterio, the victor and "sole survivor" of a tournament of orphans. Claiming Arterio had fulfilled a prophecy, Xarledan declared him the rightful king of the Sylva Region and aided the future king in fashioning a powerful rebellion, the bulk of Arterio's power coming from a Blood Covenant between him and Xarledan. After the pair defeated the former ruler and claimed control over the realm, Elanzier continued to serve as the symbol of Drakheed's reign and his sovereignty.

Years after the rise and fall of Emperor Shimo, Elanzier disappeared until it was recovered by Huxley. The blade, having become a powerful relic after being tainted by Arterio's darkness, was reforged with the Order Arccipher, and made into a spear, one of the keys to Aeon Digeros' Tartarus Gate. It was taken by Aeon as he journeyed to Anvar.

The ambitious son of Aeon's friend and rival, Nathaniel Hardy, Firionus Vandurlo laid claim to Aeon's key after being stricken by the Soul Corruption and killing his colleague. As Xarledan, he led a raid to sack Dienara, but was driven back by Knights of the Order, Gaius Galatus and Primus Valerian, forced to abandon his new weapon in the process.

The adolescent who would become Nexus managed to summon the Elanzier, described later by those who witnessed it as a Sword of Light, and thereafter fought desperately to protect sister Rose. However, upon watching her vanish, the blade faded and the child became tainted by the Soul Corruption; the Sword of Darkness appearing in hand.

The Forging in Kendralia Edit

Xarledan approached a Kendralian blacksmith and charged him with creating a sword for a king. The blacksmith had acquired shards from the sword wielded during the Summoning Wars by Silvanus Alderain. Xarledan required the blacksmith to use a vial of blood in the smelting process.