Between the events of Shadow Crisis and Shadows Jubilee, Dienara is accosted by a swarm of Shadows. During the attack, most of the victims disappear, however, two would become the Shrouders Seether and Nexus.

This marks the first time since the Shadow Crisis where a town was sacked by Shadows.


Sen and Rose Kepler, Claudette, and Urik were childhood friends. They paid numerous visits to Davneon where Claudette worked as the lead singer of a lounge act. On return from one such visit, the group found Dienara plagued by Shadows and attempted to help people to escape.

Unfortunately, their efforts seemed to only invite trouble onto themselves as Rose was abducted by a group of Shadows. His heart burning with hope of rescuing her, Sen was overcome by a dazzling glow as a silver blade manifested in his hands. The sword tore through the Shadows with ease but Sen could not reach Rose in time. She vanished with the Shadows and, in his grief, Sen dropped the Sword of Light.

Urik and Claudette watched as a black smoke seemed to pour from Sen's body and soon his hand was grasping a new blade, dark and malformed. Claudette was rendered unconscious by a Shadow's attack but Urik moved to defend her with his own dark blade as Sen merely stewed nearby. In a desperate act, Urik called on the power he held within himself and the Shadows fled.

Unable to register response from Sen, Urik reached into his mind. When he awoke, he had forgotten everything. Urik named him Nexus and brought him and promised that he would help regain everything he had lost.

The Truth

Xarledan and Slaxeum of Jeriko's Conclave had been scouting the local region in search of an artifact. This relic, known as Tenebrea, one of the seven blades which were each forged into keys by Huxley and Aeon, drew to it the remnants of Soulstorm, the Shadows and the Shrouders.

During their search, the pair encountered the Knights Primus Valerian and Gaius Galatus and a conflct broke between them which resulted in severe strife. Aer Soroval, now living in the mansion of the former governor Lumier Paris, attempted to intervene, but inadvertently destroyed Slaxeum in the process. Xarledan escaped with the Tenebrea, but Aer was discovered by Seether catatonic and brought back to the Conclave while Primus and Gaius tried to clean up the damage they had done.