Demios Soroval, also known as the Carver, is a former Aetherian soldier and one-time rival of Sebastian.


A native D'raka, Demios was one of the first to greet the Pilgrims from Riene. He was initially impressed by their technology, observing as they turned a stray island into a floating continent which they would name Aetheria. He joined their military believing their land to be a paradise. His compulsion to study their history led to his fascination with a cult of warriors who scar themselves. Knowing such behavior would not be accepted by the modern Rienans, he instead allowed himself to be injured in combat so that he would have scars to bear which told the story of his victories.

When Sebastian died battling the sorceress Penumbra Albecross, Lieutenant Demios took up his quest, aiding the Effluvian warrior Amira and her band of misfits.

Demios would later travel to the continent of Xelovia where he would encounter a very much alive Sebastian going by the name Leumas. Leumas seemed not to recognize Demios which, coupled with the fact that he was currently fighting to apparently enslave D'raka, drove Demios to a rage. During the quarrel that followed, Leumas apparently killed Demios.


Demios is gruff and aggressive, in contrast to Sebastian. Despite this surly exterior, he is actually very reliable and has a deep respect for Sebastian.


Demios is good friends with the Aetherian outcast, Xero, having served with him for years before the assault on Effluvia wherein a faulty Flechette left Xero horribly injured, Sebastian having subsequently been ordered to leave him for dead.

His rivalry with Sebastian has as much to do with grudging respect as it does with a quiet disapproval of Sebastian having abandoned Xero.

Demios entertains a cordial acquaintanceship with Sergeant Hauser. While Hauser had previously hunted Sebastian for abandoning his duties to fight against Atherian interests, he would later hunt Leumas Soroval for war crimes when he accompanied Demios to Xelovia and witnessed as Leumas apparently murdered him.


Demios is a big worn soldier, his hair is shaggy and he has two scars on his face, on the bridge of his nose and on his cheek as well as an array of scars that cover much of his body. He is typically adorned in the traditional Aetherian garb composed of blue and grey armor emblazoned with the winged symbol of Aetheria and decorated with feathers on the left shoulder which denote his high rank. His chest armor is shoulderless and opens on the left side under the ribs. He wears a loose sleeve on his right arm along with a black band while donning a fingerless glove on his left hand. His considerably large sword is sheathed in a leather case strapped to his waist by a pair of belts.

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