• First of all, thanks go to nexas-kun, without whom there would be no central character.
  • SwordFighter_Dago is named as the originator for the "Seraphim" (so called by BG-57) a race providing the main source of antagonism in Os Fatum, the short-lived indie project began over at Project N00B.
  • BG-57 was the head writer of Os Fatum and the creator of Mater Obscura of the Tesserect, a Sanhedrin among Seraphim and the source of the corruption that creates monsters throughout Endosylvania. He also developed many of the core characters and factions as well as the main plot.
  • NeoTifa, The MBoGs, conceived the idea of a beautiful male warrior who would be the love interest of the female lead. Not to forget she also thought up and developed said female lead.
  • Magixion, who also co-founded the creation of Os Fatum, named creator of the fearful infantry soldier who would become that overeager warrior known as Demios.
  • "Jirito, my darling Priestess of Living Dreams", the artist responsible for most of the character art for Os Fatum and EtC.