Amira Deleniak the Blood Knight is an Effluvian soldier, ranked captain, personal bodyguard of a Concordian emissary and one-time lover of Sebastian Albernith.


Amira is a native of Effluvia, a city built on the ruins of factories which still produce much of the world's technology although control has fallen to Aetheria via proxy Regent Ephraim Lot. The poverty-stricken people of Effluvia serve as a goading force which drives Amira to war with Aetheria in hopes of regaining control of the factories for Effluvia. After enlisting, Amira rose quickly through the ranks of the Effluvian military under the watchful eye of a Controller. Captured during a battle, Amira was escorted to Aetheria as a prisoner of war and held until the visiting Concordian ambassador took favor with her and arranged for her release on the condition she be made her personal butler.


Sebastian Albernith
Amira's negativity toward Aetheria gradually softened as her love for Sebastian grew, but Sebastian sadly died while they quested to defeat the sorceress Penumbra.

Cassandra Crosse
Amira friendship with Cassandra borders on sisterhood, greatly helped in that Cassandra is also of Effluvia.

Madeiros is Amira's estranged sister.


Amira is a blond of average height with long feathered hair and blue eyes. She typically wears shoulderless mid-riff bearing clothes, short-shorts with skirts, calf-high shoes and sleeves. An adjustable hood can be attached to the front of her shirt.

When in the guise of a Blood Knight, Amira wears typical Effluvian military garb composed of gunmetal and vermillion armor with black and red cloth, all bearing gold trim decorated with the symbol of her home. Her helmet comes in three pieces: a smooth black lower layer that shields the back and top of her head, a red mesh layer which lays atop the first and masks much of Amira's face with the exception of her eyes, and finally, a top layer made of black pliable material which folds around the back and attaches at the sides.

PN Amira

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