Agnar Randias was the king of Xelovia, short-lived though his reign may have been.


As a young man, Agnar was married to sorceress Cecilia Rainheed as part of an arrangement. After the birth of their son, Claudius Einhardt, Cecilia attempted to kill Agnar, having been driven mad with power. Agnar had the two exiled.

Agnar was a warrior explorer who found the magically-bound Ice Goddess Bryn entombed by her own son in a catacombs. She, having lost her memory, took the name Hildr when she fell in love with and, subsequently, married Agnar.

The two of them together went on to have three children, Pietr, Aer, and Qua, before they relocated their family via the great Pilgrimage to Anvar.


Similar in appearance to Weiss the Immaculate


Agnar, whose name is from "Ragnarök", was inspired by the story of Brynhildr, a valkyrie who fought on behalf of King Agnar for which Odin condemned her to the life of a mortal. Agnar, in EtC, replaces the character Sigurðr Sigmundson as the one with whom Brynhildr falls in love after she is rescued from where she is trapped in a ring of fire. Just as Sig is the slayer of the dragon Fafnir, Agnar became the king and tormenter of the D'raka.